Great sofa beds Inoac standard

sofabed inoac venus hijau 300x225 Great sofa beds Inoac standard

Great sofa beds inoac venus hijau

Great sofa beds Inoac standard

Great sofa beds Inoac standard is the largest size of the product line lounge bed or sleeper lounge with INOAC brands that we have. Has a length of 250 cm with a width of a hundred and eighty centimeters and a thickness of 20 cm, making this product adequate to meet the needs of your home, especially for those of you who are already married.

Although the size of this product is the most substantial, akantetapi size will not consume a lot of places, either when placed in the living room, family room or bedroom. When the position or function as a lounge, being so small in size without losing functionality and comfort should lounge in general.

Great sofa beds Inoac this standard is already evident from its name, if the product is made by Inoac that is the trademark of the manufacturer of the renowned Japanese domestic foam, PT. Inoac Polytechno Indonesia as the manufacturer of the bedomisili in Karawang and Tangerang, has won the trust of PT. Toyota Astra powerplant to be a major supplier for the car seat product. Maki any of it, it can be seen how the quality of this foam.

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