Foam sofa bed transforms to be a lounge mattress

Foam sofa bed transforms to be a lounge mattress

Foam sofa bed transforms to be a lounge mattress, We sell ​​Lounge Mattress of foam material that can be used for mattress bed mattress as mattress mounted on the bed, but also can be used as a lounge that looks elegant when installed in the living room. Sell ​​Lounge Mattress is the flagship product of the lounge bedinoac. com are sold at a low price but the quality of the material super.

Sell ​​Lounge Mattress from manufactured in accordance with the site name, ie from INOAC branded foam material.

INOAC super brand foam material has a warranty 10 years of use. So you need not worry if you buy the product quickly deflated, because if your mattress deflated then we will exchange with new products. Factory authorized warranty provider, so we were in the will facilitate you as a liaison for the claims to the plant.

Sell ​​Lounge Mattress available in various sizes. We provide five sizes Mattress INOAC Lounge. That is to one, the size of ninety cm wide and 120 cm for one adult or doble children. Size responsibility to measure the width of 145 cm, doble size for two adults we provide you with one hundred sixty centimeters wide and a hundred and eighty centimeters. pricing information on each Selling Lounge Mattress please visit our web site on the internet site sofabedinoac. com and kasur lipat for related prices.

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